Article: How blockchain can help cities to unlock supply chains

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How blockchain can help cities to unlock supply chains

Traditionally suppliers have financed their purchase of goods by providing the latter as collateral to a lender. But with stock sitting in warehouses and factories unable to be processed, such trade finance has stalled. At Supply@ME Capital we have devised a solution based on blockchain whereby we can release funds to the company and take control of their stock in a digital ledger without having to physically acquire the materials. The company can then buy back the stock at cost with a fee payable to Supply@ME Capital when the supplier is in a position to proceed with manufacturing or sales.

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Article: Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption?

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Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption?

At its core, the problem blockchain seeks to address is to ensure the security and integrity of information at a time when there is increasing concerns about data privacy and declining trust in government. It is a technology that allows one to record assets, transfer value, and track transactions in a decentralized manner, ensuring the transparency, integrity, and traceability of data without a central authority to authenticate the information. It is essentially a system to encrypt information and a shared database. It is based on a consensus mechanism amongst trusted parties to certify the information and validate transactions.

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