Article: How do these decentralized networks work?

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How do these decentralized networks work?

The peer-to-peer infrastructure transforms the classic role of a server. In the P2B system, a user is a server and a client. His computer is technically a “node”. With P2P, everyone who downloads a file becomes a “partner”, making the file sharing process more efficient than the traditional network.

These “nodes” run the network by sharing their resources, such as bandwidth, disk storage, and / or processing power. These resources can be shared directly and the information will be distributed equally to all “nodes” in the network. For example, if you want to get the latest version of a Linux distribution like Debian, you will not get it from a centralized server; You will get pieces of it from many guys.

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton: Migrating Away from Microsoft

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Robert to Luke:

Zionists recently got Microsoft to introduce hate speech terms, so they can turn the brakes off on my cyber car anytime the Zionists want to pull the trigger.  Am getting fed up with all the bullshit. We need Web 3.0 sooner than later including substitutes for Microsoft and WordPress.

Luke responds to Robert:

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