Article: Understanding the Data Mesh

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Understanding the Data Mesh

Once data is treated as a product, it quickly becomes evident that a centralized model will never work. Instead, data products must be built in a decentralized way by the teams that own the data.

Much like a modern service stack is decentralized with hundreds or even thousands of services owned by multiple teams building their own APIs, Riccomini thinks a similar model can make a data mesh architecture a reality.

“A data mesh takes service stack best-practices and applies them to the data layer. Not only should application development teams define APIs for their business logic (in the form of web services); they should do so for their data as well. The infrastructure and culture needed for the two are remarkably similar,” he writes.

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Michel Bauwens: 10 Open Source Policies for a Commons-Based Society

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Michel Bauwens

10 Open Source Policies for a Commons-Based Society


1 Education 2 Research 3 Purchasing 4 Patents 5 Data 6 Collaboration 7 Commons 8 Health 9 Economy 10 Systemic Change

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Open Government Graphic Below the Fold


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