Article: China Enters Blockchain 3.0 Era

Blockchain, Governance

Image credit: iStockphoto/RafikChina Enters Blockchain 3.0 Era

Distributed ledger technology (a.k.a. blockchain) is catalyzing a long-term shift of trust in distributed business environments worldwide. Chained data blocks make assets traceable, cryptography enables trusted ownership, and consensus algorithms realize distributed business consistency.

In the past six months, I have comprehensively researched blockchain adoption in China. My key finding: Strategic investments in digital transformation by the government, enterprises, and vendors have propelled China’s blockchain adoption ahead of other regions.

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Article: How Biconomy is Revolutionizing the Web3 Space

Blockchain, Web 3.0

How Biconomy is Revolutionizing the Web3 Space

Biconomy is a multichain transaction platform that empowers Dapps by using the concept of meta transactions to provide a simplified onboarding and transaction experience for Web3 projects on blockchain and crypto networks. The developer-friendly platform employs powerful and easy-to-use SDK/APIs to delight users by eliminating blockchain complexities through gas-efficient meta-transactions. More so, Biconomy infrastructure enables developers to grow their user base by implementing the perfect experience for crypto savvy and crypto noobs in order to decrease drop-offs and drive higher conversion.

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