Article: California Seeks to Make Blockchain Corporate Records Bill Permanent

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California Seeks to Make Blockchain Corporate Records Bill Permanent

The bill also makes amendments to the definition of “blockchain technology.”

The state Senate of California has introduced a bill that would make permanent the use of blockchain technology for corporate records.

  • At present, California corporations are allowed to use blockchain technology to record information relating to the issuances and transfers of stock until Jan. 1, 2022.
  • This legislation, introduced Feb. 19 and set for hearing April 7, would make these provisions permanent.
  • The state senate voted in favor of the bill by 32-4 at its first reading on Feb. 22.
  • The bill would also amend the definition of blockchain technology to mean a decentralized system that stores “mathematically verifiable” data and uses distributed ledgers “to store specialized data in the permanent order of transactions recorded.”
  • The existing definition is simpler, defining blockchain technology as a “mathematically secured, chronological and decentralized consensus ledger or database.”

Article: Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative

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Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative

However much regulators and crypto advocates might wish the other didn’t exist, neither governments nor Bitcoin will disappear in our lifetime. It’s time they started working together on the planet’s most urgent issue: a sustainable global energy system.

Contrary to those who see it as “a giant smoldering Chernobyl,” there’s an alignment between Bitcoin’s underlying economics, which drives miners to low-cost energy sources, and the ongoing efficiency advances in renewable energy technologies.

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