Article: The Node: Regulating Intermediaries in a DeFi World

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The Node: Regulating Intermediaries in a DeFi World

The pace of innovation in crypto is difficult for regulators to keep up with, especially considering that, until now, there hasn’t been a proactive, cohesive, industry-wide attempt to manage the industry. Despite operating under a hodgepodge of rules, frameworks and recommendations, crypto has ballooned. And regulatory attention with it.

“The existing framework is simply inapplicable to a system predicated on the absence of intermediaries,” Director of the Blockchain Association Kristin Smith said in an interview following her Consensus 2021 appearance. This is an important point: Decentralized tools exist as the antithesis of a financial system where trusted custodians are needed to manage one’s money.

Article: Deeper Network Announces Uniswap Listing

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Deeper Network Announces Uniswap Listing

Talking on the Uniswap listing, company CEO Russell Liu said, “We’re delighted to launch on Uniswap, allowing more people than ever before to hold DPR tokens. We believe this will help to propel Deeper Network to the next level, building the infrastructure which creates a fairer, freer, and more democratic internet. We have a great many things planned for the future of the Deeper Network, and with the help and support of our loyal community we will look forward to creating the Web 3.0.”

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