Article: “History Shows Us That You Foster Adoption By Dropping Barriers to Entry”

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

“History Shows Us That You Foster Adoption By Dropping Barriers to Entry”

I’m focusing only on evolution in terms of how distribution and wealth is created and dispersed. Web 3 is in the process of disrupting the tech industry and even the future of work completely. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that projects which open up more opportunities for end-users to turn into collaborators/partners will attract more viral platforms than we have ever seen before. Just as we have seen an explosion of e-commerce through the internet, we will gradually but surely see an explosion of the Web 3 economy.

To provide a contextual example of how and why I think Web 3 alternatives will beat out Web 2.0, I think that over time platforms such as YouTube, which only reward top performers, will be outperformed by upstart Web 3.0 alternatives that reward users from their first video, referrals, curation and other tasks from day one.

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Article: DEX vs CEX: Competition or Allies?

Blockchain, Decentralized Internet

DEX vs CEX: Competition or Allies?

DEXs are crucial to the growth of the blockchain industry and represent the new wave of innovation and development coming to the space. However, genuinely decentralized exchange offerings are still very much in their infancy, with low trading volumes, and this lack of liquidity makes using them even more inconvenient.

Still, they do give newer projects a way to list their token without going through the stringent, and often restrictive listing processes on centralized exchanges. This also gives centralized exchanges a chance to see how a project performs and ensure its validity before offering it to more mainstream users.

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Article: “I want to see how Web3.0 is changing the world” Interview with Huobi Japan CEO

Blockchain, Web 3.0

“I want to see how Web3.0 is changing the world” Interview with Huobi Japan CEO

Web3.0 is a world where you can exchange data whose existence is guaranteed even if it is digital data that does not exist on the Internet. It can be said to be a “world where value can be exchanged on the Internet.”

Blockchain technology enables users who participate in the blockchain, rather than a specific company, to manage data such as personal information in a decentralized manner. This mechanism can reduce the risk of unauthorized access, information leakage, and data falsification, and makes it possible to build a highly reliable network.

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Article: Decentralised finance paves the way towards a more democratic financial system

Decentralized Internet, Money

Decentralised finance paves the way towards a more democratic financial system

Due to the underlying technology and infrastructural trust, DeFi-based products are in principle more affordable, more efficient, more secure and more easily available to a greater percentage of the population. This reduces the number of unbanked individuals and makes it a more inclusive and digitally sustainable monetary system than the traditional one. For example, in contrast to 0% interest rates for savings accounts in the regular financial system, savers with DeFi products can currently earn 5-15% annually on their digitised dollars. Similarly, thanks to removing unnecessary intermediaries, DeFi-based services can offer significantly faster and cheaper funds transfers, opening up benefits for senders and recipients alike.

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Article: Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

Decentralized Internet, Money

Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

Having premised so much of financial markets regulation on the presumption of intermediation, it may be useful to consider the need for new rules and formal amendments aimed at achieving the longstanding regulatory goals of promoting investor protection, facilitating capital formation by establishing fair and orderly markets, and mitigating risks that disrupt and destabilize markets.

Article: Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

Blockchain, Crypto

Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

Coinbase’s public listing is just the latest milestone on cryptocurrency’s journey from nerdy curiosity to mainstream investing opportunity and payment method. Since 2018, Square, the payment processing service, has let most of its payment app Cash App users buy and sell bitcoin. And lately, more and more of them have been doing so. Square CFO Amrita Ahuja said in February that 3 million people did transactions in bitcoin on the app last year, while 1 million did so in January 2021 alone.

Similarly, PayPal began to allow users to buy cryptocurrencies through their accounts last year. The platform expanded its cryptocurrency capabilities this March and started allowing users to exchange their crypto holdings into US dollars in order to pay for things, which is just one step short of allowing users to make purchases with actual cryptocurrency. Paypal has also indicated that users of Venmo, which it ownswill soon be able to transact in cryptocurrencies, too.

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Article: India can’t ignore the promise of big blockchain innovations

Blockchain, Governance, Money

India can’t ignore the promise of big blockchain innovations

Mobile banking has indeed emerged as a way to end financial exclusion, a chronic problem in all emerging markets. In India, payments worth almost $60 billion are now taking place every month via wireless devices, three-fifths more than ATM withdrawals. A year ago, cash was ahead by 37%. At this rate of digital adoption, the lead of cheques might also soon vanish.

Srinivasan’s advocacy has thus come at a crucial time. A digital wallet that can handle both central bank-issued electronic cash and cryptocurrencies will end up “giving every Indian the ability to make both domestic and international transactions of arbitrary complexity, attracting crypto capital from around the world, and leapfrogging the 20th century financial system entirely,” he says in his blog post.

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Article: ‘With DeFi, You Have Complete Access’ — The Week in Quotes

Crypto, Decentralized Internet, Money

‘With DeFi, You Have Complete Access’ — The Week in Quotes

Plenty of discussions this week occurred at the World Economic Forum. A key topic was decentralized finance (DeFi). Speaking at the “Behind the decentralized finance hype” panel, Rune Christensen of MakerDAO brought to light the future of DeFi and how it is growing rapidly.

Christensen explained how DeFi can be accessed by anyone:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a hedge fund manager on Wall Street or if you’re one of the 1.7 billion people that don’t even have a bank account. With DeFi, you have complete access.”

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Article: 3 Ways to Earn Crypto Passive Income: A Quick Guide

Crypto, Money, Web 3.0

3 Ways to Earn Crypto Passive Income: A Quick Guide

Before you start, you need to assess how much money and effort you are ready to invest, what your goal is, how patient you’re willing to be, and what risks you are able to withstand.

Compared to traditional finance, cryptocurrencies are much more susceptible to market fluctuations, therefore, you should understand that if the price of your asset falls, this can “eat” your percentage of passive income.

Below are some popular options that may suit your stress levels much better than trading…

  • STAKING As A Source Of Earning Passive Income
  • MASTERNODES And Earning Passive Income

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Article: Cryptocurrency Advocates Receive Increasing Support


Cryptocurrency Advocates Receive Increasing SupportCryptocurrency Advocates Receive Increasing Support

According to Coin Center executive director Jerry Brito, the group is saving money as a war chest. It anticipates needing the cash to fight a larger lobbying battle or file a lawsuit over the new regulations. Brito said:

“Our job is to say absolutely there is a real risk here and that we all need to work together, but don’t throw away the baby with the bathwater.”

Meanwhile, the crypto trade association Blockchain Association has seen its membership rise by 10 to 34 since December. The number of its employees has also doubled. Members of the association include Binance.US and Ripple Labs. They intend to make contributions to the association to help polish bitcoin’s image.

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