Article: Blockchain And Sustainability: Oxymoron Or Panacea?

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Blockchain And Sustainability: Oxymoron Or Panacea?

The power of decentralised networks also lies in their transparency. On a blockchain, every transaction is verified by multiple parties and no one is able to edit the data without alerting the entire network. Unlike the algorithms of big tech – which are kept secret and constantly changing – blockchain contracts are public, as are the laws around who can change them and how. The result is a tamper-proof, transparent system which famously earned blockchain its reputation as “the trust machine”.

Thanks to these characteristics, applications built on blockchains have the potential to incentivise positive social and environmental impact – from changing wealth distribution to aligning finance with protection of nature.

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Article: Interoperability: The Next Blockchain Frontier

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Interoperability: The Next Blockchain Frontier

Blockchains currently lack a similar universal communication system, but an army of developers are working on the problem — and for good reason. The first truly blockchain agnostic interoperability solution stands to unite the $2 trillion cryptocurrency industry, and potentially pool together tens of millions of users into a single unified interface for all things crypto.

This poses not only a massive economic incentive — after all, widely adopted interoperability solutions could be an incredibly lucrative endeavor for investors — but also helps to move the needle forward in the crypto space, making it more competitive with legacy financial technologies. In turn, this could help catalyze the next wave of adoption, further benefiting early players.

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