Article: Money Reimagined: NFTs Can Help Create a New Internet

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Money Reimagined: NFTs Can Help Create a New Internet

In establishing digital scarcity via one-of-a-kind tokens, and in holding out the promise of peer-to-peer digital media exchanges, NFTs hint at new approaches for media companies and brands to engage directly with their audiences without the intermediation of the platforms.

NFTs pose their own ownership issues. Many buyers are discovering they don’t really own the art or content to which they are attached.

And, as Khloe Kardashian’s bikini photo saga shows, it’s very hard to stop the replication of content, especially when it’s going viral. NFTs can’t physically stop or control the copying of digital content.

However, we can establish standards assuring that special rights to NFT-associated content are not controlled by a separate custodial platform but are assigned to the token owner and  cryptographically bundled with the token itself so they can be easily transferred to the buyer with each downstream sale.

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Article: Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative

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Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative

However much regulators and crypto advocates might wish the other didn’t exist, neither governments nor Bitcoin will disappear in our lifetime. It’s time they started working together on the planet’s most urgent issue: a sustainable global energy system.

Contrary to those who see it as “a giant smoldering Chernobyl,” there’s an alignment between Bitcoin’s underlying economics, which drives miners to low-cost energy sources, and the ongoing efficiency advances in renewable energy technologies.

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