Article: Edge Computing Gets an Open Source Boost

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Edge Computing Gets an Open Source Boost

The rise of open source at the edge is happening by necessity, as no two edge networks and device clusters are alike, requiring high degrees of customization

Next time you run data analytics or use a mobile app, thank an open-source community. No other force has opened up innovation and accessibility in computing as much as the open-source movement. Open-source systems make the world’s cloud providers, corporate data centers, social media platforms, and mobile apps. Now, open source is opening the next frontier in technology – edge computing.

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Article: Digitalization of Energy in the IIoT Era

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Digitalization of Energy in the IIoT Era

In Tesla’s VPP vision, digital twin models represent various Internet of Things (IoT) elements. The digital twin modelling software is based on two essential open-source projects: Kubernetes and Akka. Breck clarified that the combination of Akka and Kubernetes is essential as the first can handle more major failures the second can handle minor (or in need of fine approach).

We definitely live through interesting times and it seems that the future is much closer than it looked before, mainly thanks to companies dedicating much effort to innovate and crate breakthroughs. There is a saying about modern problems needing modern solutions, but this does not necessarily apply in this case. We have an old problem and solutions coming from the future; we just hope that they will soon collide and provide the best possible outcome for the planet and Humanity as a whole.

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