Article: Measuring strain using low-cost Bluetooth technology

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Measuring strain using low-cost Bluetooth technology

One key feature of the B24 is the ability for multiple transmission. By tapping into the advertising data channels of Bluetooth Low Energy, it allows multiple transmitters to transmit to one device, and one transmitter to be viewed by multiple devices. This one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many capability really opens up the access to data.

However, the hardware technology is only one half of the story. Being able to use your phone to take a reading is only valuable if the app offers the same kind of flexibility and customisation as a dedicated HMI or control system. To achieve this, we’ve developed an app for both iOS and Android that features dashboards that can be customised to your own preferences.

So, what implications does this have for industry? These breakthroughs in Bluetooth technology and app customisation mean that engineers have more flexible options available to them, with Bluetooth offering a cost-effective option in between — proving that strain measurement doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking.

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Article: Brilliant Lighting Rolls Out Smart Bluetooth Lights

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Brilliant Lighting Rolls Out Smart Bluetooth Lights

Smart home automation manufacturer Brilliant Lighting has launched a Bluetooth mesh system that allows control over large numbers of smart lights at once.

The system uses a many-to-many broadcast structure which connects devices to each other using Bluetooth to form the network. According to Brilliant Lighting, this creates a low-maintenance automation solution that reduces the load on home wi-fi networks

Brilliant Lighting has rolled out several products that work with the mesh system via a mesh gateway or through a phone’s Bluetooth connection, including smart dimmer modules compatible with existing switch plates such as HPM, Clipsal, and Vynco. The dimmers incorporate on/off as well as dimming functions, and can use schedules and timers for greater automation.

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Article: Mesh Communication Offers A New Way to Connect the Construction Worksite

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Mesh Communication Offers A New Way to Connect the Construction Worksite

The site may be miles long. Radios work well over these distances. Bluetooth communications are limited to about half a mile, but Mesh Bluetooth technology enables each headset to act as a node, relaying the signal to the next headset, extending the range. Mesh network adapters can act as repeaters, extending the range farther, and connect to mobile phones beyond the worksite. If a driver leaves the coverage area, the headset will automatically reconnect when the driver reenters.

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Article: Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

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Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Verifiable Credentials heavily utilize Decentralized Identifiers to identify people, organizations, and things and to achieve a number of security and privacy-protecting guarantees. They are issued and cryptographically signed documents, intended to be understood by computers rather than people.

A user identifier that is:

  • In digital form
  • Able of communication with decentralized ledger
  • A property of its owner that is stored in a wallet
  • Contains the DID data string that pairs the user’s public address with a user’s public key stored on a blockchain
  • Representing user ID, diploma, and many others

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Article: Throwing a light on Bluetooth

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Throwing a light on Bluetooth

At the heart of these device network solutions is Bluetooth Mesh which looks to maximise the value of operating tens, even hundreds, of devices alongside one another.

“Critically, Bluetooth Mesh was originally designed as a commercial grade solution,” explained Sabin, “so while it can be scaled for home deployment it was designed primarily for commercial implementation and deployments.

“It operates where mandatory layered security is required. It’s one thing to deploy a light build in your home, but another when you are looking to deploy a sophisticated network for control, monitoring and access in a commercial environment. There you need the assurance that all the devices in that network and ecosystem have security in mind.

“In turn, Bluetooth Mesh has been designed as a distributed architecture that is able to maximise scalability, reduce the cost of implementation and eliminate points of failure by operating without the need for gateways. It’s a truly standalone network.”

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Article: Bluetooth Low Energy: Addressing the Connectivity Requirements of Medical Devices

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Bluetooth Low Energy: Addressing the Connectivity Requirements of Medical Devices

A new generation of connected medical devices and healthcare applications enabled with Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) is leading the way in automating certain medical-related tasks and responsibilities while meeting the strict regulatory requirements for data security and reliability. In addition, Bluetooth LE is the go-to wireless technology for many medical device OEMs, as it offers interoperability with other devices and systems as well as low-power control – a critical consideration for many remote monitoring scenarios, which rely on battery power to operate devices.

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Article: Smart lighting alliance opens up to other protocols

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Smart lighting alliance opens up to other protocols

“The standardized gateway between DALI lighting products and Bluetooth mesh lighting control networks will further accelerate the adoption of advanced IoT-enabled intelligent lighting systems,” said Mark Powell, Bluetooth SIG chief executive officer. “Providing valuable energy efficiencies and a more comfortable and productive experience for occupants, these sensor-rich lighting systems will also enable more efficient operation of other building systems, including HVAC and security.”

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Article: Bluetooth Mesh Networking Market Industry Share, Trends, Growth, Future Prospects, Forecast 2021 to 2027

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Bluetooth Mesh Networking Market Industry Share, Trends, Growth, Future Prospects, Forecast 2021 to 2027

Bluetooth Mesh Networking market report also provides a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge competitive analysis of the emerging market trends along with the drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities in the Bluetooth Mesh Networking market to offer worthwhile insights and current scenarios for making the right decision. The report covers the prominent players in the market with detailed SWOT analysisfinancial overview, and key developments of the products/services from the past three years. Moreover, the report also offers a 360º outlook of the market through the competitive landscape of the global industry player and helps the companies to garner Bluetooth Mesh Networking market revenue by understanding the strategic growth approaches.

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Article: Bluetooth contact tracing to be compatible between NZ and Cook Islands

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The value of Bluetooth proximity tracing increases and decreases exponentially, depending on the proportion of people who have it turned on.Bluetooth contact tracing to be compatible between NZ and Cook Islands

New Zealanders won’t need to download a new app to enable Covid contact tracing when visiting the Cook Islands, ahead of a two-way travel bubble opening between the countries.

But the same won’t be the case for people travelling across the Tasman.

Rush Digital – which developed the Covid Tracer app for the Ministry of Health – has built a Bluetooth app for the Cook Islands, CookSafe Plus, which is compatible with the Bluetooth feature in New Zealand’s Covid Tracer app.

From next week, people using either app would be recorded as having coming into close contact with one another if they mingled, and would be automatically alerted if one of them was later diagnosed with Covid.

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Article: Leveraging Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Technology

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Leveraging Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Technology

Bluetooth is a very popular choice for indoor positioning systems because of the following advantages:

  • wide availability (you can find it in almost all modern chips and smart devices);
  • high energy efficiency (BLE provides very low power consumption);
  • variety of positioning methods (RSSI, AoA/AoD, trilateration, and triangulation);
  • simple implementation (the technology is easy to work with).

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