Article: How DeFi Paves the Way for Financial Inclusion

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How DeFi Paves the Way for Financial Inclusion

According to the World Bank’s report from 2017, approximately 1.7 billion people worldwide don’t have a bank account today.

Not having access to this fundamental financial instrument is the main factor that stops them from realizing certain everyday functions. However, decentralized finance (DeFi) was created to meet all the requirements and demands of traditional banking — security, privacy, and accessibility — in a new way.

By transferring financial operations onto the blockchain, people will only need a smartphone or portable PC and a stable Internet connection to access the global financial system 24/7. How’s that for a step in the right direction?

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Article: The rise of NFTs must be accompanied by further decentralization

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The rise of NFTs must be accompanied by further decentralization

As the nonfungible token market continues to thrive, it stands to reason that more and more people will continue to move towards the use of highly decentralized blockchains that offer a high level of data transparency and flexibility to their users in terms of trading NFTs, especially when compared with centralized solutions such as Rarible, OpenSea, Binance NFT, etc.

Today there are Byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) cluster-based blockchains that have been tailor-made for handling NFT database management duties. A decentralized database can provide users streamlined access to a data delivery network that ensures a high level of protection from data breaches, network failures and performance troubles — all issues that currently plague the global NFT ecosystem in a big way.

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Article: Cross-Chain Protocols: Changing The Face Of Blockchain Ecosystems With Integration Solutions

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Cross-Chain Protocols: Changing The Face Of Blockchain Ecosystems With Integration Solutions

Despite the innovations, blockchain networks were still limited to their ecosystems until the introduction of cross-chain solutions. This new blockchain infrastructure seeks to enable data sharing and communication between various blockchain networks. In doing so, the blockchain ecosystem will operate as a wholesome network where users can leverage multiple products across the entire digital asset market.

Unlike typical blockchain networks, projects with a fundamental cross-chain architecture are built on interoperability protocols. This form of infrastructure allows blockchain ecosystems to connect seamlessly. Cross-chains enable private blockchains to integrate with fellow private ecosystems and public blockchains as well.

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Article: NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

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NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

“The xxxx is an NFT” is his second effort. He deliberately experimented with a different platform and another crypto currency, and rather than selling through an auction, he made it available in limited editions. “The key is not to be greedy,” he said.

The experiment could lead to a new movement that would revive the direct relationship between patron and creators that was once prominent in the times of Renaissance, Tan says. Patrons who love one’s creative work are willing to pay a premium for a scarce product, creating a lifeline for artists, he explained.

Tan is working on his next NFT, which is scheduled to release in June. He expects obstacles lie ahead, but says he may be able to set an example for younger musicians.

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Article: Artists Who Now Make a Living Because of NFTs

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Artists Who Now Make a Living Because of NFTs

To explain the importance of transparency in her industry, squirterer recalls a situation where an art gallery took one of her physical paintings on consignment and resold it without notifying her.

But what irked her the most was that the buyer had tried to reach out to her via Facebook during the purchasing process, wanting to establish a direct connection with the artist. But the gallery explicitly said it was not allowed and forbade squirterer from engaging with buyers.

Personal experiences like that helped squirterer recognize the blockchain’s usefulness in making all transactions public, immutable and verifiable. Since joining Hive back in 2018, she’s also appreciated the importance of decentralization and anti-censorship, as she’s seen other photographers and artists banned from mainstream platforms for posting their nude art.

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Article: DEX vs CEX: Competition or Allies?

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DEX vs CEX: Competition or Allies?

DEXs are crucial to the growth of the blockchain industry and represent the new wave of innovation and development coming to the space. However, genuinely decentralized exchange offerings are still very much in their infancy, with low trading volumes, and this lack of liquidity makes using them even more inconvenient.

Still, they do give newer projects a way to list their token without going through the stringent, and often restrictive listing processes on centralized exchanges. This also gives centralized exchanges a chance to see how a project performs and ensure its validity before offering it to more mainstream users.

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Article: How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

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How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

The rise in NFTs has rekindled talks about developing a new media ownership model to make it more creator-centric. NFTs allow creators, be these brands or individual artists, to retain ownership of their content without restricting its distribution over the Internet.

As a result, NFTs can change the media ownership model by offering creators, their audiences, and blockchain developers a viable alternative to monetization.

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Article: Interoperability: The Next Blockchain Frontier

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Interoperability: The Next Blockchain Frontier

Blockchains currently lack a similar universal communication system, but an army of developers are working on the problem — and for good reason. The first truly blockchain agnostic interoperability solution stands to unite the $2 trillion cryptocurrency industry, and potentially pool together tens of millions of users into a single unified interface for all things crypto.

This poses not only a massive economic incentive — after all, widely adopted interoperability solutions could be an incredibly lucrative endeavor for investors — but also helps to move the needle forward in the crypto space, making it more competitive with legacy financial technologies. In turn, this could help catalyze the next wave of adoption, further benefiting early players.

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Article: How DEXs Fuel the Development of the Decentralized Internet

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How DEXs Fuel the Development of the Decentralized Internet

The evolution of decentralized exchanges is linked to the advancement of the whole blockchain industry and greatly affects the development of the decentralized internet. DEXs fuel the whole ecosystem of DeFi services that are now starting to include more decentralized applications, decentralizes SaaS, facilitate tokenization of assets and adoption of the P2P model.

Despite all these advancements, we’re still in the early stage of Web3 development and adoption. Users still encounter many obstacles: it’s hard to interact with the protocols from a phone and the desktop versions require additional software like wallet extensions.

There are also problems of scalability, cost of operations, user experience and security. But this is common for newly emerging technologies and mechanisms, especially the ones that bring economic and financial value.

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Article: History Can Teach Us What’s Next for DeFi

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History Can Teach Us What’s Next for DeFi

All of this has echos of Bitcoin’s rise to the mainstream. From obscure platforms used by a tiny minority to an explosion in popularity, following by increasing interest from first-movers willing to take a chance. If the cycle holds firm, the next wave will be inflow from firms outside of the cryptocurrency space. This will be followed by a full-on integration of DeFi into existing financial infrastructure, similar to what’s currently happening with Bitcoin. History often repeats itself, and if that happens with DeFi, then there’s never been a better time to get in on the ground.

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