Defdog: Attack On Parler A Criminal Conspiracy? Update

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Sure looks like a Deep State conspiracy.

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This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts.”   Source & related images of text
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Martin Geddes: Reflections on Web 3.0 – Mind Shift Needed

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As received and aggregated from various emails as Web 3.0 Apostles get to work.

The core problem is the relationship between the human and the data about/from the human.

This is a paradigm shift. The end of IT (information technology; human as computer peripheral to be harvested for AI training data). The start of HT (human at centre, and sovereign control over identity).

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David Sachs: The End of BigTech — Next Up: Web 3.0

Web 3.0
David Sacks @DavidSacks
Twitter & FB ban accounts. “It’s not censorship, you can create your own app.”
Then Google & Apple ban apps. “It’s not censorship, create your own website.”
Then Amazon bans web hosting. “It’s not censorship, create your own…”
What? Your own internet? Just so you can tweet?

Benjamin Fulford: Global Upset not Global Reset – & BigTech Down!

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Robert Steele and Ben Fulford in Tokyo

ROBERT STEELE: I value Ben Fulford, whose decades of work as a financial and political journalist with a focus on Deep State and Asia  are unmatched by anyone I know. Subscribe to him here. Today’s report is quite good.  Below is a graphic from that report.

Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway


Our Web 3.0 working group has a more nuanced and comprehensive plan than the above, but the above is useful as a public perception device — it is easier to shut BigTech down and migrate than most people imagine.