Article: Two Web3.0 companies solving the privacy crisis

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Two Web3.0 companies solving the privacy crisis

Awareness of just how invasive the platforms we live on is reaching a crescendo. Governments are trying to regulate them, and the majority of people simply want some level of our personal data to stay personal. There are next generation solutions and platforms like Brave and Signal available to do just that, put the control in the hands of the user and let us decide what data we are happy to share.

Google’s ad revenue for the fourth quarter of 2020 was $46.20 billion, a large portion of this ad revenue could be potentially disrupted by Brave and Signal. Our research teams are watching the emergence of privacy-focused technology very closely as these innovations could change how brands and customers interact forever.

Understanding Web 3.0 platforms is critical for investors to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to returns you can make in the future, follow us to learn more.

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Article: Why Bitcoin is better than money

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Why Bitcoin is better than money

Bitcoin has been at the heart of this acceleration towards digital finance and money.

Because of its powerful benefits, and with Governments debasing their currencies by printing money to fund huge debt and spending, Bitcoin is now, too, being accepted as a store of value and an important investment vehicle.

We encourage investors to learn and understand how an allocation to Bitcoin may provide enhanced returns and lower risk for investors in a rising inflationary environment.

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