Article: Blockchain And Sustainability: Oxymoron Or Panacea?

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Blockchain And Sustainability: Oxymoron Or Panacea?

The power of decentralised networks also lies in their transparency. On a blockchain, every transaction is verified by multiple parties and no one is able to edit the data without alerting the entire network. Unlike the algorithms of big tech – which are kept secret and constantly changing – blockchain contracts are public, as are the laws around who can change them and how. The result is a tamper-proof, transparent system which famously earned blockchain its reputation as “the trust machine”.

Thanks to these characteristics, applications built on blockchains have the potential to incentivise positive social and environmental impact – from changing wealth distribution to aligning finance with protection of nature.

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Yoda: WWW Founder Tim Berners-Lee Working on New Decentalized Web

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WWW founder Tim Berners-Lee working on a new decentralised web

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), is exploring the idea of a new decentralised version of the web, along with other internet scientists, report New York Times. The Decentralized Web Summit was held from June 8-9 in San Francisco, and envisions a web which is not controlled by corporations or governments across the world.

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