Article: 5 Companies Own Most of Your Data Across the Internet. But What If They Didn’t?

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

5 Companies Own Most of Your Data Across the Internet. But What If They Didn’t?

It might seem strange to Americans reading this online, but the web is not widely available around the planet. If you have the web, you have an advantage. Information, goods and services are more available to communities with web access. This creates a loop where privilege enables more privilege, keeping offline communities at a disadvantage.

Fiber networks are expensive to install and not profitable for large corporations working in underprivileged countries. A decentralized web owned and operated by the people of any given community could provide opportunity to people living in areas without Internet access. Running the web from network nodes instead of a central access point reduces the cost of Internet infrastructure and could bring commerce and education to people who need it.

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Article: Open Source: More Dominant Than You Think

Open Source, Operating Systems, Software

Open Source: More Dominant Than You Think

Simply, open source software is software that is licensed in a way that allows people to freely use, study, modify, and distribute the software. These open source licenses differ greatly from proprietary software licenses, where only the original owner can copy, alter, or distribute the software.

Since open source refers to a wide variety of software programs, the use cases vary greatly. However, a Red Hat open source enterprise report found open source software is critical to infrastructure networks.

95% of respondents said open source software was strategically important to the enterprise’s overall infrastructure strategy, up from 89% in 2019. Only 42% of respondents report using proprietary software, down from 55% in 2019 and respondents expect that to keep falling — this number is expected to be down to just 32% in two years.

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Article: Why We’ve Committed Ourselves to Fighting Online Censorship

Censorship, Deplatforming, Media

Why We’ve Committed Ourselves to Fighting Online Censorship

As these platforms have increasingly become monopolies, their impact on the political future of the country has become far more extensive than current legal remedies were designed to resolve. Google (including its subsidiary, YouTube) can effectively make a website disappear. Twitter and Facebook (including its subsidiaries, such as Instagram and WhatsApp) can become an effective government censorship or propaganda tool—not altogether unlike how social media is leveraged in China. Amazon, as we saw earlier this year, can effectively ban books. 

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Article: Dark Fiber Networks Market Technologies and Network-Based Directories 2021-2027

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Networks Market Technologies and Network-Based Directories 2021-2027

The report presents an in-depth assessment of the Dark Fiber Networks Market including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles, and strategies. This report covers the pre and post Covid-19 impact analysis and gives expert reviews to overcome from it. The report also presents forecasts for Dark Fiber Networks from 2021 till 2027.

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Article: Meet Syntropy, The Real-World Pied Piper Of The “New Internet”

Blockchain, Decentralized Internet

Meet Syntropy, The Real-World Pied Piper Of The “New Internet”

“Syntropy is the connectivity layer of Web3 and without it, Web3 cannot work. Smart contract and decentralized applications cannot continue to grow on centralized networks, both technologically and fundamentally. If 30-40% of blockchain nodes run on AWS or CloudFlare NET -0.5% go down, half the blockchains become inaccessible. When looking at the future of blockchains, and the IoT space, they will need a connectivity layer like Syntropy.” says Jonas Simanavičius, CTO of Syntropy.

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Article: Dark Fiber Networks Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2017 to 2027

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Networks Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2017 to 2027

The ‘Dark Fiber Networks market’ research report added by Worldwide Market Reports, is an in-depth analysis of the latest developments, market size, status, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, with key company profiles and strategies of players. The research study provides a market overview, Dark Fiber Networks market definition, regional market opportunity, sales and revenue by region, manufacturing cost analysis, Industrial Chain, market effect factors analysis, Dark Fiber Networks market size forecast, market data & Graphs and Statistics, Tables, Bar & Pie Charts, and many more for business intelligence.

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Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tool Operates In Obscurity Across The Country

Advanced Cyber I/O

Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tool Operates In Obscurity Across The Country

UNTIL NOW, the Bartonville, Texas, company Hawk Analytics and its product CellHawk have largely escaped public scrutiny. CellHawk has been in wide use by law enforcement, helping police departments, the FBI, and private investigators around the United States convert information collected by cellular providers into maps of people’s locations, movements, and relationships. Police records obtained by The Intercept reveal a troublingly powerful surveillance tool operated in obscurity, with scant oversight. Continue reading “Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tool Operates In Obscurity Across The Country”

Article: What the Google Antitrust Lawsuit Means for Web 3

Blockchain, Web 3.0

What the Google Antitrust Lawsuit Means for Web 3

This week, the US Department of Justice and 11 states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

According to the filing, Google has used exclusionary agreements with mobile phone and browser companies to become the dominant search engine, controlling nearly the entire search market, all the while acquiring companies such as YouTube and Android to cement its omnipresence.

In short, it’s a monopoly, a totemic institution that controls broad swaths of the tech market and limits user options. And, it may just be holding back Web 3.0, the broad term for a decentralized internet in which content isn’t controlled by conglomerates but by individual creators—just as previous monopolies attempted to stave off Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 technologies.

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Penguin: Swarm – Ethereum’s 3rd Shot at Decentalized Internet

Advanced Cyber I/O, Autonomous Internet, Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Peace Intelligence

Swarm: Inside Ethereum’s Push to Create a Decentralized Internet

The Lead Developer of the Swarm team, Viktor Trón, has announced the immediate release and deployment to the public testnet of Ethereum’s Swarm client v0.3, which represents the third proof-of-concept (POC3) installment of this tool.

Decentralized Technologies like Ethereum, Swarm, and Whisper, which Trón calls “The Holy Trinity”, will revolutionize how we share information, who owns it, and who can profit from it. However, there is still a lot to accomplish before this is possible.

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Penguin: Open Source Networking, Telecommunications Waking Up…

Advanced Cyber I/O, Autonomous Internet, Innovation, Knowledge, Money, Software

Open Source Networking and a Vision of Fully Automated Networks

Transforming telecom

As an example of transformative change that is now underway, Joshipura pointed to the telecom industry. “For the past 137 years, we saw proprietary solutions,” he said. “But in the past several years, disaggregation has arrived, where hardware is separated from software. If you are a hardware engineer you build things like software developers do, with APIs and reusable modules.  In the telecom industry, all of this is helping to scale networking deployments in brand new, automated ways.”

Joshipura especially emphasized that automating cloud, network and IoT services will be imperative going forward. He noted that enterprise data centers are working with software-defined networking models, but stressed that too much fragmented and disjointed manual tooling is required to optimize modern networks.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The single best line I ever wrote, helping the Commandant of the Marine Corps explain to Congress in 1992 why the Marine Corps, alone among the services, had ONE flag officer in charge of BOTH communications and intelligence, is below:

“Communications without intelligence is noise; intelligence without communications is irrelevant.”

Major telecommunications companies — my long-time favorite AT&T comes to mind — appear to have realized that #GoogleGestapo is their nemesis. The post-Google Internet must integrate banking, communications, content, education, governance, and more. The integration of communications and content (and sense-making and sharing) must be total.

There are three big things happening right now that I believe will converge to destroy #GoogleGestapo and create the Autonomous Internet:

01 All the Title 7 and related lawsuits against AdSense, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube will come together and agree to use discovery to get to the conspiracy among all of these Deep State entities.

02 Open Source and blockchain will come together to create the Autonomous Internet with four crypto modules: value, exchanges including voting, tools, and data-information-intelligence. Individual sovereignty applications (“you own your own data”) will destroy the “walled gardens”.

03 Russia will take the lead in creating a post-Western Internet that reaches the 50% now being ignored by the West (who are not on the Internet at all).

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