Article: Busting Five Common Myths about Decentralized Storage

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Busting Five Common Myths about Decentralized Storage

Centralized cloud storage is data held in massive data centers run by a single organization that consumes large amounts of energy. Decentralized cloud storage encrypts data, breaks it up and distributes it for storage on drives that are run by different organizations in lots of different places,  each with a different power supply and network connection, creating something much less wasteful. There are no data centers, no storage oligopolies and no vendor lock-in.

At first blush, it sounds a bit crazy. How can that work? How can it be feasible? How can it even be real?

The good news is it is very real and very feasible today. Here is our take on the common misconceptions we hear every day about decentralized cloud storage and the facts to bust them.

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Article: The Value—and Potential—of Enterprise Open Source

Open Source, Software

The Value—and Potential—of Enterprise Open Source

When the best of the world comes together, rapid advancements happen, and herein lies the open-source advantage. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for many enterprises as they worked to maintain innovation while meeting a customer demand that was dynamically different from that of a pre-COVID-19 world. Thus, it is no surprise that 53 percent of respondents cited digital transformation as a top use of open-source software, propelling it to third on this year’s survey.

Just as with application development, open source for digital transformation saw an increase by 11 points over the last two years. This shift of both together demonstrates that the strategic use of open source is the lifeblood of business services.

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Article: The Overweb – Future of the Internet

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

The Overweb – Future of the Internet

The internet is an absolute necessity in today’s world. From school-going kids to senior-most citizens, almost every single person relies on the web for their information. If this information is shared freely without any credibility, there is always a danger of people being misinformed or misled.

Projects like the Overweb can be of immense help in such a case. They create a secure hyper-dimensional web space where knowledge is layered and users are verified. This significantly increases the credibility of the information and also presents all relevant information in a single place for participants’ convenience.

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Article: Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email

Blockchain, Decentralized Internet

Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email

The constant influx of unwanted emails at all hours of the day can be taken care of easily, and a “clutter-free inbox” can be provided using smart contracts. The inbox experience goes several notches up when these possibilities can also be integrated with smart contracts.

There could be a possibility to create a one-time email address to share with strangers, which could later be completely erased. The option of creating a fixed-time email address, from a duration of one day to several months, is also a possibility. This powerful feature makes it much easier to choose a reliable provider, without having the almost-permanent digital footprint of an email address.

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