Article: Big Tech censors Christians ‘at least once a week’

Censorship, Deplatforming

Big Tech censors Christians ‘at least once a week’

A new report from the Napa Legal Institute has revealed the full extent of big-tech censorship of Christians. It details the growing attitude of hostility towards faith-based views and organizations in large tech companies, and urges “decisive” actions by faith leaders to confront this new culture.

The report, compiled by the Napa Legal Institute and published last week, alleges that since the beginning of the year, religious organizations and individuals have been censored on social media at a rate of roughly once a week.

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Article: Report analyzes religious groups’ risks of internet ‘de-platforming’, calls for action

Censorship, Deplatforming

Report analyzes religious groups’ risks of internet ‘de-platforming’, calls for action

Religious groups that speak on controversial topics are at risk of being removed from social media platforms and need to prepare, a legal education group says.

While a “de-platforming” event can pose significant operational problems, there are also ways to organize broad-based efforts to respond when a group faces sanctions from influential internet companies such as Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

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Sepp Hasslberger: UK Lords – Internet a Utility

Sepp Hasslberger

A step in the right direction…

UK parliament calls for Internet to be classified as a public utility

A new report published by the upper house of UK parliament—the House of Lords—has called for Internet access to be reclassified as a public utility. Further, the report says that the UK is falling behind other countries when it comes to both high-speed Internet access (i.e., new fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-node deployments) and universal Internet access—two factors that could significantly affect the UK’s ability to compete in the still-rapidly-growing international digital economy.

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