Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton : Spacial Web Toxicity

Borg-Like Evil

yep. no mention of the strategy to ensure that people can verify the safety and correctness of the hardware let alone the software.

the mention of blockchain simply confirms the complete lack of knowledge on the author’s part.

the *only* way that this can be explored safely, and i hesitate even to say that, is if it is entirely libre hardware and libre software.

i have read well over 700 sci-fi books. Peter Hamilton. Greg Bear. Ian Banks. Alistair Reynolds.

they all contain horror stories of mind violation through neural interfaces inadequately designed.

Alistair Reynolds covers stories involving techno-biological corruption: a hybrid biological nanovirus that evolves and corrupts machine as well as organic material.

one of Ian Bank’s stories is even about the creation of Virtual Hells (because across the universe any given number of Religions will actually REQUIRE their followers’ consciousness to be uploaded to the Hell prescribed by that religion, after their death).

these are very real risks once a certain technological threshold is crossed.


VR goggles are a perfect example of toxicity especially for children long term.

1) refresh rates are nowhere near fast enough for human visusl cortex to do 3D because there is holographic diffraction involved (in our brains)

2) the screens are at fixed distances where our eye lense expects to perform focal adjustments due to the perception of “distance”

failure to meet these expectations makes adults dizzy and sick but for children it TRAINS THEIR EYES NOT TO ADJUST.