Article: Windows Versus Linux: An Honest Review

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Windows Versus Linux: An Honest Review

You see, the common misconception with Linux is that it’s something only computer gurus, geeks, and coders can use. Many people think that the only reason you’d use a Linux-based Operating System is for hacking purposes. The other misconception is that a Linux-based Operating System is so much different than Windows or Mac that you’d spend all your time learning something new.

All of this I’ve found to be untrue, by a long shot. Yet fear – fear of the unknown is what keeps many from trying it.

What is truly interesting about the Linux Community is the vastness of options. When I discovered that I had a choice, that I wasn’t stuck with something I didn’t enjoy, it was like my eyes were opened to a brand new world that I never knew existed. Plus if I didn’t like one, I could just download another distro and try it out. If something wasn’t stable or fast enough, no problem. Why? Because I had options.

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Article: The Role of Linked Open Data in SEO

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The Role of Linked Open Data in SEO

It’s extremely important today in the world of SEO to leverage linked open data, because it gives context into our webpages in a way that a machine can understand. Just because people can understand it, it doesn’t always mean that the machine is going to gather the right understanding. This is what allows us to set that context on our website to ensure that the search engines understand our meaning and that we can earn those enhanced search results.

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton: Migrating Away from Microsoft

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Robert to Luke:

Zionists recently got Microsoft to introduce hate speech terms, so they can turn the brakes off on my cyber car anytime the Zionists want to pull the trigger.  Am getting fed up with all the bullshit. We need Web 3.0 sooner than later including substitutes for Microsoft and WordPress.

Luke responds to Robert:

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