Article: Is Cross-Chain Technology The Best Way Forward For Blockchain and DeFi?

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Is Cross-Chain Technology The Best Way Forward For Blockchain and DeFi?

Why is cross-chain technology so important? Because it’s viewed as one of the main tools to help continue the growth and expansion of decentralized finance (DeFi).

If elements of the DeFi industry are not able to work with each other in a smooth manner, decentralized finance will be hindered in its attempts to challenge, or at the very least, bring traditional finance to the crypto world.

Blockchain interoperability also allows people to make payments across multiple blockchains, fueling an energetic digital economy where many believe multi-token wallet systems should emerge.

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Article: Unbanking The Future With DeFi

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Unbanking The Future With DeFi

Based on open protocols and decentralized applications, agreements are enforced by code, transactions are executed in a secure and verifiable way, and legitimate state changes (ledger entries) are made immutable on a publicly searchable and verifiable blockchain.

DeFi creates an environment that can simultaneously provide unprecedented transparency and equal access rights, while still preserving privacy and reducing transaction friction.

With a wide variety of applications, DeFi can enable one to buy dollar-pegged assets using stablecoins on decentralized exchanges, move these assets to an equally decentralized lending platform to generate interest, then add the interest-bearing instruments to a liquidity pool or on-chain investment fund.

And all of that can be achieved (and more) without so much as even stepping onto the highly polished marble floor or your downtown bank.

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Article: Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

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Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

The internet has given way to crowdfunding opportunities in many different forms. For some companies, the traditional and centralized approach – with its lack of transparency, high fees, and other drawbacks – remains favorable due to its “legacy appeal”. Centralized platforms are more commonly used than their decentralized counterparts, but that narrative can change over the coming years.

The advantages of decentralized crowdfunding solutions are visible for everyone to see. More transparency, global availability, and lower fees will benefit both companies and potential investors alike. To make these benefits stand out, project operators will need to enhance the overall appeal of blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions. Landing some big projects, or tackling prominent industries such as renewable energy, are potential ways to achieve that goal.

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Article: Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

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Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

Having premised so much of financial markets regulation on the presumption of intermediation, it may be useful to consider the need for new rules and formal amendments aimed at achieving the longstanding regulatory goals of promoting investor protection, facilitating capital formation by establishing fair and orderly markets, and mitigating risks that disrupt and destabilize markets.

Article: How Bitcoin will benefit the less foturnate

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How Bitcoin will benefit the less foturnate

Traditional financial institutions and even credit companies are rapidly adopting blockchain technology. Its main advantage is that it significantly cuts the transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions are dependent on blockchain technology instead of third parties that banks and other lenders typically use. In almost every transaction, they assign an intermediary to oversee the exchange process.

Using third parties in fiat currency exchange takes a lot of time and comes with added premium risks resulting from the high transaction fees. Bitcoin solves that by eliminating all the intermediaries. That ensures faster transactions at a relatively lower cost, allowing everyone to shop at retail stores using bitcoin easily. The cheaper transfer fees will also enable them to own property without a more significant financial burden.

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Article: Blockchain to uplift lives of underserved Philippine sectors

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Blockchain to uplift lives of underserved Philippine sectors

Smart Asset Management Digital Technologies believes blockchain can be a powerful tool if used continuously to work towards a more dynamic and digital economic system. SAM said its Members Acceleration Program offers one of the fastest-growing automation in income opportunities with digital and conventional business developments in Asean and the Australasia regions.

“This program will help them to have another set of opportunity aside from their primary work,” stated Nicos Figueroa, SAM’s Compliance Officer. “Everyone can do this part time. As mentioned, SAM MAP is all about group efforts and teamwork in attaining their goals. Moreover, with MAP’s benefits and rewards program it can definitely take them to multi-stream of opportunities.”

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Article: 3 Ways to Make Money with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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3 Ways to Make Money with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

There’s no doubt that  are the most popular trend in the crypto community right now. From celebrities to respected companies, everyone is talking about launching their own NFTs. But not all NFTs are made equal: while some are worth a fortune, some can be practically worthless. Let’s take a look at some of the most profitable ways individuals and companies are making money during the current NFT  rush.

  • Digital Works of Art
  • Licensed Collectibles
  • NFT Video Games

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Article: How open DeFi markets in Southeast Asia can drive financial inclusion

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How open DeFi markets in Southeast Asia can drive financial inclusion

Increasingly, with greater focus on the development and nurturing of the right skills and through enhanced exposure to technical mentorship, these same people are building the very frameworks necessary to create solutions and products for the population that are underserved and overlooked by legacy finance.

DeFi’s model of peer-to-peer engagement and inventiveness, has created a significant opportunity for the making of real-world solutions to the challenges that exist of giving people a proverbial “seat at the table.”

The possibilities for financial inclusion alongside the accretive upside that these types of businesses generate mean that throughout the ASEAN and Indian region entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and innovators are working side-by-side to create open markets that can truly help everybody.

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Article: How blockchain technology is fixing payments today and what comes next

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How blockchain technology is fixing payments today and what comes next

Once we recognize that the blockchain future we’ve all been dreaming about is actually here, right now, we have to ask ourselves whether we are creating long-term solutions

Open networks allow innovation from the many rather than the few. Open networks ensure that anyone can build upon, improve and challenge the technology and push the market to consider the next idea. Open networks promise interoperability and allow for continual ideation and progression. If we were to start building this technology in a silo, on closed networks that can’t work together, we would risk putting ourselves right back where we started. By working together in the open to connect traditional financial rails with digital ones, we can reap the benefits and work through shared challenges.

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Article: “Disaster Girl” Meme Sold As Nft Earns Its Owner $430,000

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“Disaster Girl” Meme Sold As Nft Earns Its Owner $430,000

I believe there are few people who haven’t seen the “Disaster Girl” in one of a million memes circling around the internet. The adorable girl is now 21 (yes, we’re old) and she found a way to make money from the viral photo of her. She sold it as an NFT and earned almost half a million dollars.

Zoe and her dad earned big money on the original sale, but there’s more. Market Watch reports that they minted the NFT and coded it so that anytime the NFT is bought, they receive 10% of the sale. So, not only that Zoey went viral and got rid of the spider (please tell me you know this one), but she also earned big money from the meme featuring her. I’d say it’s a pretty fortunate cause of events.

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