Stephen E Arnold: Drone Allegedly Compromises a Tesla

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Drone Allegedly Compromises a Tesla
I read “Tesla Car Hacked Remotely from Drone via Zero click Exploit.” I am not certain about the reproducibility of this alleged hack. Nevertheless, it encapsulates the interesting security threats in today’s zippy zip environment. The write up states:

The attack, dubbed TBONE, involves exploitation of two vulnerabilities affecting ConnMan, an internet connection manager for embedded devices. An attacker can exploit these flaws to take full control of the infotainment system of a Tesla without any user interaction.

Here’s the method:

“Adding a privilege escalation exploit such as CVE-2021-3347 to TBONE would allow us [the researchers] to load new Wi-Fi firmware in the Tesla car, turning it into an access point which could be used to exploit other Tesla cars that come into the victim car’s proximity.

What about drone based attacks on a mobile phone?

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Article: iPhone user blames Apple for $600K Bitcoin theft via fake app

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iPhone user blames Apple for $600K Bitcoin theft via fake appiPhone user blames Apple for $600K Bitcoin theft via fake app

Christodoulou went on the App Store last month to search for a mobile Trezor app to check his Bitcoin balance via phone. Unaware that Trezor does not currently provide an iOS app, Christodoulou downloaded a doppelgänger Trezor application that boasted close to five stars, giving the impression that it was indeed an official app. After entering his seed phrase, Christodoulou said that his savings of 17.1 BTC were stolen.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Why Use An Open Source Database?

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Why Use an Open Source Database? Brilliant Inadvertent Explanation

I thought, “Why bother to read ‘Everything You Should Know about the Oracle Database.’” I am delighted that I did. I read the article in The Tech Block twice! The information attempts to explain some of Oracle’s licensing guidelines. The author does a workmanlike job of explaining number of users; for example:

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Martin Geddes: Death of the Current Internet Assured

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The current Internet has an irrational pricing model that is disconnected from true cost economics. As a result there are huge implicit and invisible transfers between different users and uses. Specifically there is no accounting for differences in quality; quantity alone is not the same as cost or benefit.

A handful of people in the world know how to fix this.

Penguin: Another Shit OSINT Industry Analysis

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This is crap. None of these people — particularly Palantir — are anywhere near useful.  Web 3.0 is gong to by-pass all existing offerings and be 80% human 20% online.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Market SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: Palantir Technologies, Expert System, Exalead Dassault Systemes, Thales Group, Cybelangel, Intrinsic Technologies, Sail Labs Technology, Digimind, KB Crawl, Verint, Recorded Future, Datalkz,

Alastair Crooke: US Losing the S&T / Digital Standards War to China, Iran, & Russia

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The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics 

The prize that America truly seeks is to seize for itself over the coming decades, all global standards in leading-edge technology, and to deny them to China.

China’s intent now is not simply to refine and improve on existing technology, but to leapfrog existing knowledge into a new tech realm (such as by discovering and using new materials that overcome present limits to microprocessor evolution).

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Stephen E. Arnold: The End of SciTech Publishing Silos? The End of Amazon?

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Why Sci Tech Publishers Fight Online Innovation: Money

Stephen E. Arnold

Who reads academic papers? Give up. Answer: Other academics, students, and curious people with an interest in often arcane research.

Here’s another question: What characteristic do many of these journal readers share? Answer: A desire to zoom through information without paying.

“The Unstoppable Rise of Sci Hub: How Does a New Generation of Researchers Perceive Sci Hub?” explains:

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