Article: ID, The Unlikely Key to Economic Growth in The Developing World

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ID, The Unlikely Key to Economic Growth in The Developing World

In fact, much of the structural and institutionalized inequality in the developing world can be linked to a lack of verifiable identity. With blockchain, this no longer needs to be the case. By enabling someone to prove who they are, blockchain technology can provide the gateway to equality, and the key to unlocking economic growth and levelling up opportunity.

Effectively, a decentralized identity built on the blockchain to common and agreed standards acts like an identity passport, opening up access to a host of services never available to an individual before. Blockchain pushes power to the edges, empowering thousands and potentially millions on equal identity terms, providing access to education, work, proof of ownership credit, and much more. Blockchain connects, but also liberates. It connects people with each other, and with opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. And this technology liberates the individuals from the constraints imposed by lack of identity, opening up a range of possibilities that had hitherto remained just beyond their reach.

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Article: Let The Internet Be Your Information Highway


Let The Internet Be Your Information Highway

Using the Internet to help you with a myriad of informational needs is a smart thing to do. From your health to handling money and more, there are ways going online can be one of the best calls you make. With that in mind, is it time for the Internet to be your information highway?

In using the Internet for some or many of your life needs, here are some ways it can help you out:

  1. Doing better with money
  2. Taking care of your health
  3. Planning your next fun activity
  4. Staying in touch with folks

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Martin Geddes: Spacial Web, Hybersense, Human vs. Machine, Right to Bear Avatars

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The “spatial web” is a different name for the “hypersense” world I described.

We have a choice over whether we want the humans to program the machines or the machines to program the humans. The right to “bear avatars” is the new right to “bear arms” in the hybrid physical/virtual world. Your gun will do you no good if you cannot get into your basement ammo store past the unpowered “smart lock” that needs electricity from the “smart grid” to open…