Article: What are dApps and How Do They Enable a True Free Market?

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What are dApps and How Do They Enable a True Free Market?

Crowdsourcing innovation and ideas is the most effective way to not only make the best possible systems, but to ensure that those systems work for everyone and can adapt over time. If we can transform the economy into a giant game of d-commerce, we can once again participate in a free market. The most free market the world has ever seen.

We need to democratize our economy from the ground up and force the big players to play by our rules or quit the game.

Some people tend to think that individual innovators or thought leaders are the ones who create the great products and corporations of our time. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk surely are intelligent people, but they have huge teams of brilliant minds working under them. How many other brilliant minds are scattered across the country? Across the world?

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Article: Former security guard launches blockchain-based marketplace

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Tim Hogins, chairman and CEO of Hogins Enterprises.

Former security guard launches blockchain-based marketplace

“The Blacqmarket platform aims to be the solution that will help not only SMMEs but also generate employment through the value chain. We live in unprecedented times, with the constant threat of unemployment, economic downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic weighing heavily on African businesses,” notes Hogins.

“Our business model allows Blacqmarket to bring the possibility of digitising the largely informal sector by bringing them online safely and securely. Everyone is equal on our platform and our low transaction fees allow merchants to pay up to 70% less than other platforms, allowing the shop owners to retain more from purchases made.”

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Article: Multiplays: Blockchain Gaming Reinvented Using NFTs

Blockchain, Commercial Intelligence, Crypto

Multiplays: Blockchain Gaming Reinvented Using NFTs

Multiplays is a blockchain gaming platform driven by creativity and technology to unlock the potentials of online gamers with the advancement in technology. The drill of playing games has only increased and with more visual stimulus, creativity and satisfaction. The way people played games from the board games to visual gaming has changed because of technology. The idea of playing traditional game is undeniably appealing, but people who spend all their time playing the traditional game end up sacrificing quality time with their family and gaining nothing in return.

Multiplays combines the best of blockchain gaming with NFT market to offer a platform allowing players to earn revenue anytime they decide to play the game on this platform.

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Article: How a ‘Dual Double-Entry’ Blockchain Could Unite Digital and Physical Assets

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How a ‘Dual Double-Entry’ Blockchain Could Unite Digital and Physical Assets

Think about the ways that, for example, a land deed is essentially a collection of data that holds value because of the asset with which it’s associated. Alternatively, think of the ways that your personal data, when aggregated with millions of other people, drives value for social media companies who use it to attract advertising revenue.

“While machines can operate on information through logic and maths, they cannot preserve or describe value. This is the ‘data problem,’” said Andrew Kessler, CTO and co-founder of Zenotta.

“Zenotta converts any form of data or digital content into Smart Data – a rival and excludable digital asset that is truly unique and can be owned. This ownership gives the Smart Data value, and gives the owner the rights and control over their Smart Data asset, something that was previously unattainable.”

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Article: How Blockchain Can Simplify Partnerships

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How Blockchain Can Simplify Partnerships

Blockchains may radically transform many facets of business life, but they’re a tool particularly well suited for collaborations. Put simply, blockchains are digital ledgers where several people have joint control over the shared information — a feature that makes them ideal for situations where trust and information sharing are important. The technical design of blockchains makes it virtually impossible anyone to change the contents of the ledger without approval from the other parties. Moreover, they can be paired with smart contracts — programmed codes that are automatically executed once certain conditions are met. In recent years, blockchains have been successfully applied to organize collaborations in fields as varied as logistics, energy, health care, entertainment, art, insurance, and finance.

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Article: Blockchain may change equities trading for good

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Blockchain may change equities trading for goodBlockchain may change equities trading for good

Paxos is now making use of for a everlasting SEC licence to compete with the DTCC. It’s unclear whether or not the SEC will agree, or if Paxos might even scale as much as snip on the heels of the DTCC behemoth, which dealt with $2,150tn price of trades final yr. As Emmanuel Aidoo, digital markets head at Credit score Suisse, observes tactfully: “Innovation in blockchain know-how is [still] incremental.”

Even so, buyers ought to take word. For one, the deal is a reminder that there’s extra to blockchain than the cryptocurrencies corresponding to bitcoin that additionally use the know-how. Whereas apparent to crypto insiders, this level must be proclaimed loudly given how bitcoin grabs a lot public and political consideration.

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Article: 3 Tips for Succeeding When Your Industry is Dominated By a Monopoly

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3 Tips for Succeeding When Your Industry is Dominated By a Monopoly

Here are three tips on how your business can thrive in a monopolistic industry.

  1. Be flexible where they can’t
  2. Solve a unique problem
  3. Be a first mover

A further interesting technological opportunity is blockchain technology. Besides providing the framework for cryptocurrencies, this technology offers a variety of interesting use-cases that attract big-tech skeptics like bees to honey. From blockchain-based file storage, to smart-contract based transactions and decentralized governance, all of these aspects can be applied to an endless variety of .

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Article: How bitcoin mining can support the energy transition

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How bitcoin mining can support the energy transition

Bitcoin mining* often makes headlines because of the large quantity of electricity the process consumes. But there are opportunities for it to support the energy transition.

We have identified two key short-term opportunities for bitcoin mining in the US: first, as a highly predictable and scalable demand response asset; and second, to provide additional demand for cheap, under-utilised electricity generated by independent power producers and utilities.

1. Bitcoin for demand response

  • Speed to scale
  • Reliability and predictability
  • Sensitivity to electricity price incentives
  • 24/7 operations
  • Non time-sensitive computation

2. Bitcoin for under-utilised generation

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Article: How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry?

Blockchain, Commercial Intelligence, Crypto, Design, Web 3.0

How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry?

For the average consumer, using cryptocurrency to buy a digital fashion item that will live exclusively on a screen seems like an out-of-reach scenario — for now.

It might even sound a little ludicrous to those who still don’t get what cryptocurrency — or the blockchain technology that enables it — is all about. But buying premium fashion and fine jewelry online, without seeing or trying the product on, seemed equally far-fetched a decade ago and now e-commerce has become a mainstream method of consumption.

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Article: How to promote DeFi crypto project for success

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How to promote DeFi crypto project for success

The boom of decentralized finance (DeFi) has welcomed a huge amount of value to the industry. As of this writing, DeFi Market data shows that a total of $42.98 billion worth of assets are already held in DeFi projects.

If you are a developer and you want to launch your own DeFi initiative to the market, your job does not simply end in ensuring the quality of the protocol you’re building. Promoting it effectively so you can reach your target market belongs to your priorities as well. Even if your platform is good, it will be difficult for it to take-off if it does not get the visibility it needs.

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