Article: Future of NFTs – why art is just the beginning

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Future of NFTs – why art is just the beginning

I am more than sure that NFTs will make a real revolution not only in the field of art but also become that very “identity”, a digital passport of a person. In fact, with the help of such tokens, it will be possible to vote, record data on work and education there, which will make a real revolution in all areas of our life – after all, the blockchain cannot be fooled.

When Instagram or Twitter irrevocably blocks accounts that they believe violate community guidelines, it seems that we are investing our energy, and time in developing not our digital profile, but these companies (both in terms of user acceptance and advertising revenue perspective),

This does not mean that companies are wrong – they ultimately have the final say on what can and cannot be published on their platforms. But what if we could definitely save all the content created for each platform?

For this to happen, we must truly own our digital content – and therefore our digital identity.