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Web 3-0 is a focal point for the Web 3.0 information steering group that is at this time comprised of the following individuals:

00 Steele, Robert David US Open Source Everything, Inc.
01 Arnold, Stephen E. US Arnold IT
02 Bauwens, Michel BE Peer to Peer
03 Geddes, Martin UK Independent Engineer
05 Leighton, Luke Kenneth Casson Libre Ethical Technology Specialist
06 Newby, Hunter US CEO, Dark Fiber 07 Petersen, John US Arlington Institute
08 Singh, Gurminder SG
09 Takemiya, Makoto JP Soramitsu (Blockchain)
10 Vahey, Ray US Bitchute (Video)
11 Vervaecke, Steven BE Independent Engineer
12 Weibe, Kirk US Pretty Good Knowledge

Biographic posts for each person are forthcoming.  We anticipate each person above organizing their own twelve person steering group and so on and so on.

We are committed to abandoning the cloud and 5G as well as proprietary software and toxic algorithms. Our general approach is a combination of county or district level Intranets that play well with one another and are linked by dark fiber while using bluetooth mesh technology for outdoor mobile use.

We are looking carefully at funding this with CountyCoin that increases in value each time is it spent locally, and loses slightly in value when spent outside the county with adjacent counties being neutral.

My preliminary vision is at https://tinyurl.com/PBI-Invite copied to the Vision page here. Please note that while this specialty site focuses on the information domain — access, data, software, hardware, sense-making — another speciality site, https://ose-21.org will focus on all of the open source domains shown below.

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I am also developing https://world-brain.net and will start moving toward the below vision for connecting all minds to all information in all languages and mediums all the time.

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I am absolutely opposed to the censorship, deplatforming, data manipulation, and outright lies as well as total failure to index raw data that characterize the Internet today.

As created by Stephen E. Arnold, arnoldit.com