Article: What DeFi needs to do next to keep institutional players interested

Decentralized Internet

What DeFi needs to do next to keep institutional players interestedWhat DeFi needs to do next to keep institutional players interested

There are many things that need to be developed — most of which are already underway — to ensure institutional interest in DeFi products, whether on the settlement layer, asset layer, application layer or aggregation layer.

Institutions’ primary concern is to ensure the legitimacy and compliance of their DeFi counterparts at both the protocol level and the sale execution level.

One solution is a protocol that recognizes the status of a wallet owner or of another protocol and advises the counterparty as to whether or not it fits its requirements in terms of compliance, governance, accountability and also code auditing, as the potential for malicious actors to exploit the system has been proved over and over.

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Wikipedia Co-Founder Launching Competitor Due To Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias

Censorship, Content Integrity, Knowledge

Wikipedia Co-Founder Launching Competitor Due To Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias

Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger announced he is starting an alternative to Wikipedia due to the fact they have been taken over by the left.

Sanger told Just the News that his new, forthcoming project, called “Encyclosphere,” is a decentralized network of the world’s encyclopedias, what he called “an old-fashioned, leaderless, ownerless network, like the blogosphere.”

Sanger said just as there are no administrators in the blogosphere, “in the same way, I want to create a protocol that very loosely ties all the encyclopedias online together.”

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton : Spacial Web Toxicity

Borg-Like Evil

yep. no mention of the strategy to ensure that people can verify the safety and correctness of the hardware let alone the software.

the mention of blockchain simply confirms the complete lack of knowledge on the author’s part.

the *only* way that this can be explored safely, and i hesitate even to say that, is if it is entirely libre hardware and libre software.

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Robert Steele: Deep State Captures Linux, Embeds Censorship in Open Source — Time for Web 3.0!

Operating Systems

The Linux Foundation and IBM Announce New Open Source Projects to Promote Racial Justice

ROBERT STEELE: Absolute bullshit. LINUX has been captured. This is code for embedding Deep State globalist censorship and digital assassination tools in open source, as pioneered by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an unregistered agent of a foreign power working in close alliance with the Red Mafiya and other criminal and treasonous individuals and networks.

Martin Geddes: Spacial Web, Hybersense, Human vs. Machine, Right to Bear Avatars

Borg-Like Evil, Human-Centric

The “spatial web” is a different name for the “hypersense” world I described.

We have a choice over whether we want the humans to program the machines or the machines to program the humans. The right to “bear avatars” is the new right to “bear arms” in the hybrid physical/virtual world. Your gun will do you no good if you cannot get into your basement ammo store past the unpowered “smart lock” that needs electricity from the “smart grid” to open…

Steven Vervaecke: Joseph Farrell on Spacial Web & The Borg — Anti-Thesis of Human Centric Web 3.0

Borg-Like Evil

i recoil in horror each time i see articles about this kind of stuff. Kudos to the GDS for taking a stand against it and refuting several arguments.

As with lots of things in life, technology is not always the answer to imaginary problems. We must instead focus on developing our inate abilities as human and awaken our full potential. The human body is still very unexplored and we know jack about the power of our hearth, the depths of our brains and the socalled junk dna. Continue reading “Steven Vervaecke: Joseph Farrell on Spacial Web & The Borg — Anti-Thesis of Human Centric Web 3.0”

Hunter Newby: Neighborhood Level Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

At a neighborhood residential level the economies of scale just aren’t there for my model. The smallest serving increment would be similar to a PSTN Central Office with a minimum 20k subscribers / FTTH. The USA has roughly 3,250 counties, boroughs, and parishes but many of them especially west of the Mississippi have sparse scattered populations.

The business model to make it work at scale is what really drives deployment. If it’s not at scale then it’s just a one-off deployment and I’m not interested in that. I’ve acquired and developed many single site carrier hotels, but they were mostly in major cities. The key is to make it a universal installation — every country, borough, and parish. At that scale, it is a do-able do.

Article: Brave Browser Is Building Its Own Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

Blockchain, Decentralized Internet

Brave Browser Is Building Its Own Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

Privacy web browser Brave, which rewards its 25 million+ users with its Basic Attention Token (BAT), is building new functionality into its platform.

According to its BAT Roadmap 2.0, announced today, Brave is creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator as well as a new “Brave Wallet” to replace its current crypto wallets.

The additions will extend the firm’s reach beyond web browsing and into decentralized finance (DeFi), the multibillion dollar industry of crypto-based protocols that allow people to earn interest, lend assets, and trade tokens without going through a financial institution.

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Steven Vernaecke: Migration Thoughts

Operating Systems

Altough i agree with Luke on a technical perspective. in my oppinion Wix is just silly amateur stuff not fit for the vision of Robert.

We must also approach this from a usability angle. If Robert’s webmaster is able to provide his own hardware server equipment, then you can do this. The stuff with creating VM’s is just not workable for Robert alone.

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