Article: Moving Customers and Products with an Event Mesh

Autonomous Internet

Moving Customers and Products with an Event Mesh

The adoption of cloud and microservices for the development of modern applications makes it hard to enable event-driven interactions across distributed applications. What’s needed is a solution that supports messaging and streaming in event-driven applications.

An Event Mesh solves this problem by having nodes in a distributed mesh that automatically route around unavailable nodes. Furthermore, moving objects in the node can always get the data they need by recalculating what are the nearest nodes.

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Article: Bluetooth Low Energy Modules Bring the IoT to Life

Autonomous Internet

Bluetooth Low Energy Modules Bring the IoT to Life

Silicon Labs has formalized its new BGM220x module with a size of only 6×6 mm. BGM220 is an embedded solution that comes with a fully upgradeable software stack, which has been pre-certified worldwide, and firmware support to accelerate time-to-market.

The module supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1, 5.2, and Mesh, and is compact with very low power consumption to optimize battery life. The new module allows device manufacturers to add security with pre-certified Bluetooth functionality to their microcontroller units (MCUs) with built-in security features, including root of trust.

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Article: A Web 3.0 revolution that could relieve us of our social dilemmas

Web 3.0

A Web 3.0 revolution that could relieve us of our social dilemmas

As people realize that social media is a quicksand inexorably sucking them in bit by bit, a clamour has arisen for an alternative. But what is this alternative? The big problem with social networks is not the technology, or the product, or even the early objectives of their founders. It is their business model.

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Steven Vervaecke: Microsoft to Become Linux?

Advanced Cyber I/O, Software

I notice a VERY curious and intresting covert evolution in Microsoft.

A few weeks ago i was listening to a video i stumbled upon through the KP blog. The guy in it said Microsoft was taken over by the white hats, by the Alliance. At the time this seemed like a very wild statement not based upon reality, so i dismissed it for myself. Continue reading “Steven Vervaecke: Microsoft to Become Linux?”

Penguin: Open Source Civics in Spain

Data, Design

Medialab Prado: Applying the Open Source Ethic to Civic Innovation

An open data project is exploring new ways to use shareable databases in creative, public-spirited ways.

Now Medialab Prado is trying to go global with its civic incubation model. In September and October, it will be hosting a MOOC course (in Spanish) on “how to grow your own citizen laboratory and build networks of cooperation.” The idea is to foster very localized citizen innovation labs, even in rural areas, by helping people learn how to host prototyping workshops, use helpful digital tools, issue open calls to identify projects and collaborators, and run communication plans, mediation, documentation, evaluation, etc.

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