Penguin: #GoogleGestapo Web 3.0 Thoughts from Bradley Stephenson UPDATE Anon AR Comments


Alert Reader Brad Stepheson writes in:

I’m writing to provide some of my industry perspective from within an open source community project focused on foundational elements of Web 3.0. You are very much keyed-in on the importance of Web 3.0 decentralization, re “…G Gestapo”, censorship, etc.. I recall you’ve broached this during many of your appearances at least over the past year or two, the latest I’ve watched being X22 Spotlight posted 2019-12-21. Your consistency with this has led me to contact you.

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Steven Aftergood: CIA Closes Down OSINT, Commission Objects

Data, Knowledge

Improved Access to Open Source Intelligence Urged

Congress should require the Director of National Intelligence to make open source intelligence more widely available, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission recommended in its latest annual report.

Last June, the former web portal was “decommissioned.” Its contents were transferred to classified or restricted networks that are mostly inaccessible to those outside the intelligence community.

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